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What if you could simply eat your way to a longer, healthier life? What if there was a prescription that could help you stay fit, remain energetic, and protect your body from a host of health issues? What if there was a solution for every ailment—from fatigue to sleeping problems to weight issues? Now, there is.

Fix it with Food is a groundbreaking book that introduces you to simple, wholesome, everyday foods that are a treasure trove of important nutrients for optimum mental and physical health. It will provide clear information on 40 superfoods—or in other words, the world’s healthiest foods—easily available and curated for the Indian palate.

Backed by thorough research, Kavita Devgan has easy-to-follow advice as she meticulously explains how eating certain superfoods can improve your energy, help prevent the common ailments we face every day and also, kick-start weight loss. What’s more, she also offers not just nutritional information, but practical tips and fantastic recipes to help make these foods a part of your daily diet. In fact, you will be surprised to discover that eating well doesn’t have to be difficult, it can very well be easy, affordable and most of all, delicious!

From the Publisher

Healthy Living & Wellness (Books)

Healthy Living & Wellness (Books)

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a health writer, nutritionist and weight management consultant. I propagate practical, effective, and delicious ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle. I am a purist and believe in promoting a minimally processed diet high in fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts, whole grains, and healthy fats and good quality protein to score a healthy mind and body. My focus is on a plant-based diet with room for fish and other animal proteins in moderation. Practicing moderation according to me is the mantra to live by.

I am a health columnist with the country’s premier media group and have been writing extensively and sharing my ideas with people for close to two decades now.

I am a prolific speaker too and have been giving lectures and conducting workshops in hospitals, schools, and colleges about the right way of eating and new health and research-based trends for a long time now.

Healthy Living & Wellness (Books)

Healthy Living & Wellness (Books)

My previous books are Don’t Diet! and Habits of Thin People and Ultimate Grandmother Hacks.

You can follow me on Twitter, FB and Instagram: @kavitadevgan.

Tell us a little about the book, Fix it with Food.

We live in an environment where we are bombarded by toxins, both tangible as well as those that are hidden and thus, scarier. Pesticides and GMOs compromise our food, our air is polluted, our water supply is a major source of concern. As a result, I feel, and rather strongly, that foods with the highest nutrient density are our best hope of staying healthy in this rather toxic world we live in. Foods can boost our immunity and save us from myriad infections too. My message in this book is nothing exotic or ground-breaking — In fact I am just trying to reiterate the age-old, common-sense eating that is steeped in ancient wisdom, told to children by mothers since the dawn of time: eat your veggies.

Healthy Living & Wellness (Books)

Healthy Living & Wellness (Books)

And like them, I too would say that instead of looking for novel, unparalleled sources of ‘extraordinary nutrients,’ we should stick to the ordinary extraordinary foods that are easily available and accessible. This book thus is a compilation of foods that I feel have immense nutrients hidden in them, written with a hope that once you know how good they are for you, you would include them more in your diet, and gain from their goodness.

You have also been vocal about local alternatives to exotic foods. What are some of the overlooked superfoods that could be incorporated in our diets?

People tend to think that expensive means healthy—that’s not always the case. Our everyday foods work just fine to keep us healthy. In fact, my latest book is an ode to these everyday superfoods and how we can fix all our issues and prevent disorders with the stuff that we already have in our kitchens, but take for granted always.

For example, instead of chia seeds we can have sabja seeds, and seasonal indigenous berries like raspberries and jamuns and phalsa are as potent as the much-haloed blueberries, also at a fraction of a cost. Sweet potato can give you more vitamin A than the difficult to find and eat kale. Information is the key. In fact, once you know what good these basic foods can do to us—you’ll look at them with lot more respect—and eat them too.

Please provide one excerpt from the book.


Fixit Tip 1: First step: Clean your house… and don’t forget the fridge. When you have the ‘wrong’ food around, saying no is a difficult option. So, throw out the food that is not good for you.

Next step: Replace the junk with healthy, ‘real’ foods. Keep the good stuff around.

Fixit Tip 2: Make a list of the antioxidant-rich (vegetables and fruits), Omega-3-rich (flaxseed, walnut), high-fibre (whole grains), high-potassium (coconut water, sweet potato) foods… and go stock up today!

Fixit Tip 3: Clean eating does not mean giving up foods arbitrarily (dairy, wheat flour, carbs, fats). It just means eating a variety of food, with plenty of fruits and vegetables, and watching your overall calorie intake. No rocket science here. Just avoid falling for the fads.

Fixit Tip 4: If you don’t want to worry about craving to go back for seconds, eat foods that are nourishing and packed with nutrients. Yes, I am talking about veggies and fruits.

Fixit Tip 5: Ever snacked on a plump piece of fresh coconut? Try it, it is supremely satisfying, super-delicious and every bite delivers health.

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